Honda Civic- sputtering issue

Our '99 Honda has an undiagnosed issue. After driving it for some time, it will start to have trouble accelerating when driving…a delay in acceleration if you will. Sat, we were doing errands (start, restart- short distances) when it was taking more and more time to turn over to start. Finally, it stalled in an intersection and needed to be pushed off. Five minutes later, it started up again, no problem. Our mechanic has been unable to illicit this problem. Any suggestions?

When was the last time the fuel filter was changed?

Fuel filter sounds like the most probable culprit; would also check air filter, if very dirty, it could allow too much fuel in the engine. A broken fuel presssure regulator could also be a cause. Have the acr checked out by a competent mechanic.

Fuel filter was changed last week along with the timing belt…