Honda civic radiator service

I just had my car inspected with a 60,000 mile service as well. I was charged 100.00 for throttle plate service. They also said I should replace the radiator hoses soon. They wanted 275.00 for this. It seems out of line. I have a 2005 civic. The coolant has been flushed once.

Don’t let them replace the radiator hoses unless there’s some obvious evidence of unusual mechanical damage. Total waste of money. Honda radiator hoses are practically immortal. I’ve had two Hondas with 15+ years on the original hoses, and they still were like new.

This is one of the ways auto dealers, and some independent mechanics, make more profit.

I doubt that the throttle plate needed any service, especially since you didn’t mention any driveability issues.

It’s also unlikely, although not impossible, that you need new radiator hoses.

You can, and you should, say, “No thank you” to these unnecessary items.

It used to be that radiator hoses failed fairly frequently, and warranted periodic replacement. It’s much rarer now, and I do it only on an ‘as-needed’ basis. So, just say ‘no’ to your mechanic. Is this the dealer? If so, you’ll be $$ ahead if you find a good independent shop, use the ‘mechanic finder’ function under ‘actual car info’ on this site.

Sounds like they are trying to separate you from your hard earned money.
Unless you have problems with the way the car drives, there is no reason for a “throttle plate” cleaning service.

And on the same note, unless the hoses are actually leaking coolant, there’s no reason to replace those, either. I wouldn’t worry about the hoses until your car is at least 10 years old.