Honda Civic or Subaru Impreza?

I am looking for a practical but not too dull hatchback with some decent cargo capacity. There are not a lot of options left in the U.S.

Any opinions on this? Thanks.

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New or used? Have you looked at the Corolla hatchback?

Used. Sorry, I should have said that.

The Toyota is a nice car but doesn’t it have a lot less cargo space than the Honda or the Subaru? Cargo space is important to us.


You’d need to check, the Impreza isn’t very big, the Civic would have the most, I think.

Check out the Honda Fit. It’s a hatchback with a lot of interior space.

I think Honda discontinued it a year or so ago, but there are some used ones around.

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I would not buy a used All Wheel Drive anything espessially a Subaru with their need for regular tire rotation. If not rotated it can cause expensive drive line repair.

Edit - Do you realize that this is a lousy time to be looking for vehicle ? New supplies are low and used prices are just plain redictulous .

I am a lot less worried about awd 4wd these days than years ago, yes the Rav4 requires tire rotation every 5 k miles, but when wife got plowed in with her sister after her mother died, and she never would have made it out, the lifetime of the car expenses is worth it! My 03 trailblazer made it 200k miles without issue, getting rear ended killed it, or I might still have it. Bought a used 2017 Acadia limited AWD or whatever happy so far.

Volvo: Just planning at this stage.

A used Subaru is rarely a wise choice

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Would you care to elaborate please?

Yes, just from the number of people we see here who have bought used Subarus and are now crying about needing new head gaskets or are having oil consumption issues. I wouldn’t take a used Subaru if you gave it to me for free.
@GorehamJ John, would you like to weigh in?

Planning ? Then put hatchback in every online seller of used vehicles you can find and you might see something that you had not even thought of. Of course your need of cargo space might not be the same as one of us here .

In another thread you had you said you like to drive vehicles until they are used up . That to me means buying new and trying to see just how long it can last.

I know folks with Honda’s. Can’t be said about Subaru.
I used to own a new Honda. And a used one.
Brother has a si. He likes it
I’d take a free subi.

At least take a look at the Mazda 3 and Toyota Corolla hatchbacks, thought they had basically the same amount of cargo room. Depends on how much stuff you regularly carry. lists the passenger and luggage volume for most vehicles;

Nice table but it doesn’t have it with the seats folded down.

We do that a lot with our cars.


We also have a Mazda 3 hatchback in our “fleet”. It’s a great little car. It doesn’t have as much space as my old Honda Fit, but it routinely gets better gas mileage than the Honda, actually. The Mazda gets in the low to mid 30s, and even better on the highway.

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If you’ve finalized Honda Civic & Subaru Impreza, you should consider the Subaru Impreza on priority. This is elegant hatchback that offers decent cargo capacity and lots of technologies. Furthermore, it offers plenty of safety aids to keep passengers safe behind the wheel.

Why are passengers behind the wheel ( steering wheel ? ) ? If they are behind the wheel they are no longer passengers .



That reminded me of a particularly strange exchange with a transfer student, many years ago. One of her first questions upon enrollment was “Can I get under the wheel training?”.

Without skipping a beat, I told her that she would probably prefer Behind the Wheel driver training, and that I would place her in that class.