Car shuts down

My daughter’s 1999 Honda Civic will just arbitrarily die while driving. It is very intermittent and now the car turns over but will not start. The intermittent dying was on going for a while and we had several mechanics look at the the car. some said fuel filters (did that), some said ignition, some said an exposed wire in the steering column, another said a security cut off device was disabled and that was causing it. several other theories abound, none of which makes sense. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Does this problem take place exclusively in hot weather?
If it does, you should consider replacing the main relay underneath the dashboard.
When this component becomes overheated, it shuts off current flow to the electric fuel pump, thus making it impossible to start the car until the temperature drops.

I can’t say what it is, but security systems (after market units are often the problem.) are responsible for a number of such problems.

May I ask how many miles on the Civic and when was the last time plugs and wires were replaced?

The temperature doesn’t seem to be of any consequence. thanks for your reply

it 80,0000 miles on it. Plugs and wires were replaced last year. thx for your response.