Honda Civic Hybrid IMA Control Module

In a futile attempt to enhance my daughter’s image as a greenie, I bought her a new 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid. That car has proven the fallacy of early adoption. The only thing green about it is all the green I gave to the dealer and their service department.

The Check Engine icon, IMA, and the charging system warning lights all came on last month. The IMA system was inoperative, and the IMA battery charge had zero bars. I drove it to the dealer, and they did a free computer update, which restored the system.

Last week, same thing. I took it back to the dealer. They ran their diagnostic which reported that the IMA control module did not pass. The battery is covered by a much needed warrantee extension, but the module is not. According to the service writer, the tab for that module (part only) is $2100.

The service writer called the Honda service rep, and that guy agreed to Honda paying all but $355 of the $2450 repair. I will have them do it. My daughter needs the car.

My questions are:

  1. EBay has a lot of IMA controllers for about $300. Is “HYBRID Computer Control Unit IMA 1K000-PZA-A01 MODULE 2005” the same module?
  2. Can I keep the part and have it repaired for the next $2450 event? If so, where would you send it?
  3. Does anyone want to buy a 60,000 mi. 2005 Civic Hybrid with a new IMA control module?

We’re thinking, it ain’t easy being green.