Honda Civic HX - Shifting into reverse

2005 Honda Civic HX

Does not always want to go into reverse. When it doesn’t and I let out the clutch i rattles until I put the clutch back in. I have to first go to first let out the clutch just far enough to engage the drive and then put the clutch back in. It will then go into reverse. Looking to see if I can resolve this before taking into the shop.

This might not be a problem. My manual transmission does the same thing on my Nissan pickup.

The reverse gear is a straight cut gear with no synchronizer. Sometimes the gear teeth can line up with each other where it doesn’t want to go into reverse. When this happens with my truck, I just shift into first gear, and if I move just an inch forward, I’m then able to shift into reverse.


My 2004 Civic VP did the same thing. I had to put it in first and rock it forward just a little bit to get it to go into reverse.

After 9 years I doubt if they still have the vehicle or at least had it repaired.

I figured that. I just know that i read these forums long after they are wrote to get help. Just trying to help the next person that reads it. :rofl:


When I can’t go in rev I go back to neutral and briefly engage the clutch to give the mainshaft a spin, then it will go in.
Whole operation takes about a second.