Trouble getting the shifter in reverse (manual car)

My buddy’s Honda is starting to become a pain when shifting into reverse… the shifter moves easily but when you try to move the car it is actually in neutral (despite being relatively in the right place).

Sometimes, moving the shifter up to first gear, then back to reverse will solve the problem.

Our mechanic buddy suggested he flush the tranny fluid, but I’m skeptical as this is only a problem in reverse.

Any ideas if there could be something that could be adjusted?

BTW, its a 2002 Honda Civic DX with 100K on it. Thanks,

Perhaps the shift linkage needs to be adjusted.

That would be great if it was only that. Do you know how I would go about doing this on a Honda? I have replaced the shifter on my Audi A4, but imagine it’s different for his Civic.

Perhaps someone knows a good online resource?