Honda Civic Ex 2001 - timing belt, water pump estimate

My Honda is 11 years, 4 months old. It has about 75K miles on it. Even though the mileage is relatively low - due to the age, it’s time to do the timing belt if I go by the owner’s manual. Is it recommended that the parts and fluids be Honda brand only for this work? Also wondering about the transmission maintenance? I think I have heard that the Honda dealership uses a specific shop for it’s rebuilt transmissions for the work. Does one need to use Honda fluids when changing the transmission fluid and if putting in a new “rebuilt” transmission must one use Honda fluids. I have always gone to the Dealership - but some of the last “checks - 60K mile check” I decided to go to an independent garage. If it 's important to use Honda parts and fluids for the bigger jobs - transmission, timing belt, water pump - I would appreciate that feedback from knowledgeable folks. Is it essential to use Honda oil filter and whatever oil the dealer uses too ?

What’s an expected estimate for repair on a timing belt, water pump and whatever hoses are typically changed at that time? Northern CA - San Francisco is my location.

You are way overdue to change the timing belt based on the age of your vehicle. You should get it done immediately. An independent garage can typically do the timing belt and water pump for about $400 to $600. Expect a dealer to charge $600 to $800. It is not necessary to change hoses unless they are soft and swollen. Modern hoses last a very long time.

I am curious about the “transmission maintenance”. Certainly you should have the fluid changed but I am not sure what the reference to a “new rebuilt” transmission is about. Did you recently change the transmission or have it rebuilt? Regardless, Honda ATF must be used.

I am big believer in OEM Honda parts for big jobs although high quality aftermarket is sometimes fine. The OEM parts always fit and always work. On your timing belt job I would use an OEM water pump and whatever belt you want. Good luck!

I have an '03 Civic and I use a good independant mechanic for my repairs. But, I provide genuine Honda Fluids for everything with the only exceptions being engine oil and brake fluid. Honda’s are particular to proper coolant, transmission fluids, and in the case of CRV differential fluids.

I live about 40 miles from nearest Honda dealer, and about 5 min. away from my local mechanic. If I lived closer to the dealer I’d get a price quote on repairs such as a timing belt w water pump job. Sometimes Honda dealer prices are OK and other time outrageous. For timing belt jobs they are usually not too bad.

At the age of your car I’d get new radiator hoses, new serpentine belt, and fresh coolant with the timing belt job.

No, you don’t have to use Honda fluids, but if you have an automatic transmission, I highly recommend you use Honda’s transmission fluid. Also, you can use other fluids that are not Honda’s brand, but make sure they meet Honda’s OEM specs. For example, on my 1999 Civic with a manual transmission, I can use either Honda manual transmission fluid or 10W-30 motor oil, so I usually use synthetic 10W-30 oil and it ends up being slightly cheaper than using Honda’s MTF. You don’t have to use Honda brand power steering fluid, but if you choose not to, make sure the power steering fluid you buy says it is for Hondas. Sometimes it is just easier to buy the Honda fluids. However, I use regular universal coolant in my Civic.

Honda brand belts and hoses seem to last a really long time, and I didn’t replace mine until I replaced the radiator. You are overdue for a timing belt replacement though, so I recommend you get that done ASAP.

I’ve seen a timing belt/water pump job for a Civic cost about $600, but that was not at a dealership.

Agree with above except that you may have to add $2-300 to the estimates due to your location.

thanks all for your responses - greatly appreciated - now to choose the garage. RS