Honda Timing Belt Replacement?


Went in for a simple 67500 service, plus front brakes. Service tech suggested I replace the timing belt and water pump because the car is 6 years old, even though it’s not yet 100,000 miles. It would cost about $775.00! Do I need this now? If not, when?


Check the owners manual but I’ll bet it says 60 0r 80,000 or four years, etc. Yep belts degrade over time regardless of mileage and if you are well under normal usage, you need to pay more attention to service times rather than mileage. In addition to the water pump, I’d have the accessory belts done too. Same labor since they are off anyway and same time issue on rubber parts.


I suspect that was a dealer price. I suggest finding an independent (not a chain) mechanic and get a second estimate. Dealers almost always charge more and are not any better.

Yes a timing belt that old (not miles) needs to be changed. A failed timing belt on most cars means some very expensive repairs.


Oh, yes, you should have this done. You can shop for a lower price (I paid about $150 less at an independent Honda shop), but the belt needs to be replaced.

Err on the side of caution and do it now, because if the belt breaks the damage will be WAY more than $750.


Think of it this way. Whether you have been active or not, in the past six years, your body has aged…6 years! (Yes, I know that exercise is beneficial, but aging still takes place.) The rubber in that timing belt has similarly aged just from existing for 6 years, so the recommendation to change it is valid, and this can be confirmed by looking at the Honda maintenance schedule that should be sitting in your glove compartment.

Avoiding maintenance on a vehicle is, ultimately, very short-sighted and will lead to higher costs in the long run. And, in this case, the repair costs for a snapped timing belt will be many times the cost of timing belt replacement. Incidentally, it would be very prudent to have the water pump replaced at the same time, as this is another example of spending a little bit of money now, and saving lots of money in the long run.


the cost for my 99 civic, at the dealership no less, was around $500


Check out your manual. You don’t list your year of car so we have no idea what Honda you have. However they varied from 7yrs/90,000 miles and 8yrs/105,000 miles. Some were less mileage but that goes back further. I would consult your handy dandy owners manual. The price seems really high as my dealer did it for $400 a few years back on a 95 Civic. However you may have a S2000 for all we know or a V6 if that matters??

Do tell on the model.


Check you service manual, it should be good for 7 or 8 years, but do not go past the time or mileage recommendation, which ever comes first.

If you have an Accord, then your engine is either a v6 or a 4 cylinder with balance shafts, so they cost more than Civics.


I recently had the timing belt replaced our 2000 accord V6 and it cost $400 at the dealership. I thought I would need paddles to jump start my heart (or wallet), then you say $750+… wow!
I live in Phoenix and consider it a “severe service” area and am following that maintenance schedule, I suspect Kansas isn’t that much different. Have all the belts changed at the same time, but somewhere else. At that price I would definately do it myself.