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Honda Civic: center rear jack point

I have a 2001 Honda Civic (manual trasmission). Anyone know where the center rear jack point is?

I’m going to change the MTF and have read that the car needs to be level when filling. I plan to put the car up on four jack stands, lifting first the front and then the rear with a hydraulic floor jack. The front center jack point is conveniently marked with an arrow. The rear is not.

Your owner’s manual will tell you where the jack points are. If you don’t have an owner’s manual, you might find one at

The owner’s manual only mentions the four side jack points, and only in the context of changing a tire. The owner’s manual does not mention the center jack points (front or rear), although Honda did mark the front center jacking point with a nice, big arrow (visible from beneath the car).

I would not do that. There is no center jack point in the rear. If you jack on the floor it will damage it and maybe even poke a hole in it. If you jack on the rear suspension crossmember it may bend. Most of all the car will be unstable and may fall to one side or another.