Honda civic brakes 03


i have a 2003 honda civic dx need front brakes first time with 55000 miles.

should i get the honda brake pads or could i get generic brake pads installed is there a diference ??there is a big difference in price so is it worth it


I suggest you install the Honda brake pads. They might cost a little more, but they’ll probably last longer, and will be less likely to squeal or make other unwanted noises.

In my opinion, the Honda brake pads are worth the extra money.

You don’t need original Honda brake parts. You only need aftermarket brake parts the meets or exceeds the OEM’s specifications. Afterall, Honda doesn’t make their own brake components. They purchase them from a vendor, who probably provides the aftermarket with the same components.


The OEM are probably made by Akebono but Wagner makes brake pads that match the OEM and are very good replacements. They both cost about the same as pads from a dealer though.