Honda Civic A/C thermostat work-around (circa 94 models)

The thermostat that regulates the A/C evaporator in my 94 Civic (DX Sedan) is not functioning properly and the part has been discontinued. The A/C ‘freezes’ after it runs too long, then it isn’t able to cool at all.

  1. Can I re-engineer a thermostat designed for a different model ?
  2. Can the thermostat be repaired ?
  3. Is there another solution to fix this ?


RockAuto has the expansion valve for the AC on your Honda.



“the thermostat that regulates the A/C temperature”

Are you talking about the evaporator temperature sensor?

As @Tester said, the evap temp sensor is actually part of the TXV which he mentioned

Here’s an idea . . .

Make sure the sensing bulb is properly routed, and make sure that “tar paper” is still intact

Thanks for the responses, however, it’s #24 in the diagram (not #12, expansion valve assembly). The discontinued Honda Part number and description are:

  • Honda Part: 80430-SR1-A12 (80430SR1A12)
  • Description: Air Conditioner Thermostat

URL for diagram: