Honda civic 2015 jerking and shutting off

Hi, I am having issues with my 2015 honda civic.
The first issue is that the car will jerk at seemingly random times. More of the jerks happen earlier on in the acceleration. If I put the car in econ mode the jerks happen way less.

The second issue is that the car could be at a stop and as soon as I start accelerating the car shuts off and I have to put it in park and start it up again.

There are no check engine lights.

How many miles?
Are you original owner?
How old is battery?

The car may have a crankshaft position sensor that’s starting to fail.


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94k miles
Not original owner
Battery is a month old.

Good ideas above. I’ll add: could possibly be a problem with the throttle position system, or clogged fuel injectors. If you feel lucky, try a dose a fuel injector cleaner. in the gas tank.

Thanks for the tip,
I will try the fuel injector cleaner.

Repairing vehicles during the last 40 years, I have never experienced a drivability problem that was caused by an injector that needed to be cleaned.

You have a problem that needs to be observed and diagnosed, a clogged fuel injector will cause a fault code and check engine light.

During the repair interim, the engine can be restated in neutral without coming to a complete stop.

Didn’t spend much time on GM early poppet nozzle injectors did you? I ran into countless performance issues and misfires that were corrected by a Motorvac service. And countless more that required individual replacement.

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We aren’t talking about GM’s chaotic CPFI system.

But a 2015 Honda Civic. :thinking:


Injector failure has become more and more rare in the last 25 years. I believe it’s partially due to better gasoline and better fuel systems on cars.

But boy I sure did make a lot of money fixing or replacing GM injectors back then.

I got the odb2 reader and the problem was a fuel/air ratio problem.
I looked under the hood and saw that the big hose connected to the filter had a rip in it.
Replaced it and now its runs perfectly good.

Hi, it was the tube connected to the air filter being ripped. After replacement cars work perfectly smoothly.

Good for you for securing a code reader, discovering the mixture code, doing the engine-compartment diagnosis and effecting the repair. Your Civic’s electronic fuel injection is a vast improvement over prior technologies, but for the fuel injection computer to set the correct fuel/air mixture all of the air entering the engine has to be measured (by the MAF sensor). If any intake air bypasses that sensor, for example due to a faulty tube/hose, this confuses the computer’s mixture calculations, and as you’ve discovered, drivability symptoms can occur. Thanks for posting the update :slight_smile: