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Honda Civic 2007

The Cigarette Lighter in my Honda Civic 2007 broke. We were using a power inverter that charges up my labtop while we were going on roadtrips. I believe that since I kept resting my knee on the power inverter, then that caused the lighter to burn out or something.

I took the car several times to the auto shop and they said it would take $300 to replace this. $300 is a little pricy and really isnt worth the effort.

Any Suggestions?


Well, you could buy a generic power outlet for under $10 and mount it under the dash, but the aesthetics won’t be pleasing in such a new car. Maybe you could put it in the center console or something.

What exactly seems to be wrong with the lighter outlet? Physically broken or no power?

Did anyone check the fuse?

Ahh! is there some reason you haven’t taken it to the dealer?? Its under warranty,right?