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Help with car repair

2007 honda civic hybrid the hybred part is messn up

If you don’t bother to explain what’s happening in detail, don’t expect much help.

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Then you need to start fixing up.


Hybrid systems are very complex. Take it to a dealership. There is no cheap fix for this.

I welcome them to our community!

I read your statement and I feel your pain.

To help get your discussion started, please state your question(s) if you have any.

“Experts” and “amateurs” are standing by to help.
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Shouldn’t that be “fixn up”?


Fixins are what you serve with the turkey on Thanksgiving, especially if you’re celebrating in Texas.


Of course!
And the “messns” are the spilled remains of the “fixns”!


I dont have 3000 dollers

Not only texas but also Georgia.

Does the car have any warning lights illuminated, such as a “check engine light” or any message that would help offer us a clue?

If we found that out then the problem could possibly be something much more minor than anything close to 3,000 dollars.

Please advise…
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Kelli , these people can’t give you any worth while help if you don’t make an effort to explain your problem. Have you had this looked at or what kind of malfunction do you have ?

Ok , you don’t have 3000 dollars but why say that.

We have lots of Civic hybrids of this vintage in our fleet . . .

I’m a great believer in pattern failures

op probably needs an ima battery pack


Pray tell for us not familiar, what is an ima battery pack and cost?

Integrated Motor Assist

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I don’t either, not available to spend anyway.

Maybe you’ll get lucky, and it will only cost $1,000. Maybe you’ll be left with a choice between putting the repair on credit or selling the car.

I wish you the best of luck.

I’m guessing the $3000 problem is the hybrid battery needs to be replaced. Suggest to use the forum search feature and search on “hybrid battery”. I believe there are ways to repair the hybrid battery n some situations. Search icon is above right on this page.

A hybrid plant or animal is often the positive results of crossbreeding, taking the best characteristics from two different varieties, forming a new (improved) individual.

To me “hybrid,” when used to describe these cars is a misnomer. A “hybrid” vehicle doesn’t utilize the best characteristics of two varieties. It is two varieties at the same time. So, it’s not surprising that such a complicated contraption would suffer from the complexity, especially upon aging.

“Hybrids” aren’t the best of 2 worlds. They are 2 worlds!

I want a “hybrid” car like I want tap-dance lessons. Now, a totally electric vehicle… that’s a different story…
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Can someone help me I did the 2000 ford post

Not in someone else’s thread, stick to your thread for the best help.