1998 Honda Civic blows a/c intermittently (It's going to be 90 degress today!)


Hi, My '98 Honda Civic blows a/c intermittently. When it’s cold, it’s very cold, when it’s hot - it’s very hot. Mechanic added freon last week. Cold for less than 24 hours. Took it back, they checked, no leaks. Took car to A/C mechanic. They can’t find the problem b/c car won’t reproduce heat. Of course, the car is nice and cold for the mechanic. Car heated up 1x during the 3 days it sat in the shop, but before they could hook up the equipment it was hot again. I noticed when I hit a bump, the a/c will go off. However, the a/c also goes off on solid ground. The fan is running, but it is loud on the highest setting. One minute I’m enjoying life driving in my “cool” car, the next minute it feels like I’m in an oven. Any suggestions? My mechanic told me to take the car home and bring it back as soon as it starts heating up. Of course, that will probably be on the weekend or after work and by the time I get to the mechanic it will be hot again.



Hey There. Frustrating isn’t it??? I am having the exact same issues with my 2000 Altima. Like your situation, the car made me look like a complete idiot, lol. Whenever I took it to the dealership it would blow ice cold. It took several days of going back to them whenever it got hot again, but it would be on its best behavior when they were testing it. Finally on the 3rd time, I’d had enough and told them to keep it over night, praying that it would finally “act up” so they could know I wasn’t crazy. It did and they said it was a “thermo control amplifier switch.” I took it in this afternoon to get it repaired and will let you know if that finally solves the problem. Also, check the post under "2001 Nissan Frontier AC Problem.? They seemed to be having the same issue. Geez… Hope this helps.


My 98 Civic had the same problem. It took the mechanic two weeks to find out it was an electrical problem in the compressor and I needed a new compressor. The problem only occured when the car was moving becuase the electrical connection was sometimes fine, but an impact like a pothole would jar the electrical connection loose.

If yours is having the same problem, you will be spending about $1,300 on a new compressor. Give your trusted mechanic premission to commute in your car for a few days so he will see the problem. Tell him to see what happens when he manipulates the compressor’s wiring.