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Honda Civic 2001 Limp Mode, codes P1361 and P1362

On start up, the car will go the distance at any speed for as long as needed; just as long as there is no continuous stop and go traffic. Not long after this type of traffic begins, Limp Mode occurs; 10-15 mph max; even when floored. CEL comes on during Limp Mode. Car will not rev above 3500 RPM when in Limp Mode. Car will auto shift from 2nd to 3rd downhill but manages only 2nd gear on the flats. When car is turned off and rests for at least 20 - 30 minutes, it starts right up and is fine, unless it hits more traffic and then Limp Mode again.

History: crankshaft sensor and “r & i cover” replaced 5/10, catalytic converter replaced 8/10

Currently: Auto Zone free OBDII scan displays P1361 (intermittent interruption in TDC 1 sensor circuit) and P1362 (no signal in TDC 1 sensor circuit)

Camshaft sensor? Cylinder head? Something else?

Don’t quote me on this or anything, but I’m pretty sure that the TDC sensor is part of the distributor. I’m often at least a little relieved if I see an “intermittent” circuit problem since I’d rather clean and/or repair a bad connection than replace whatever expensive “part” the wiring is attached to.

So I’d round up the wiring diagram info for the distributor and start troubleshooting the wires having to do with the TDC sensor. You may be able to get wiring diagrams out of Autozone’s free online repair info. They may also have the appropriate testing specs for that sensor.

Okay. I’ll look into it.