A lesson in Civics

Sudden power loss while driving on freeway but able to drive 5-10 mph to Honda dealership. Dealer diagnosed the following: "…Code P1362 & P1361 cam sensor erratic/intermitent. Performed SB 01-083 and measure play at cam. Remove valve train and found cam out of spec. Min .5mm, measured at .7mm. Recommend replacing cyclender head. Excessive play makes sensor not to read correctly…:

Car is driving ok now. There was no “check engine” light on when problem occured. If cam is out of spec, why wouldn’t it continue to cause sensor to misread and not provide normal engine power. Wouldn’t replacing sensor solve problem?

Only 97,000 miles

“Wouldn’t replacing sensor solve problem?”

Maybe, maybe not. They could be right. You might also have a wiring problem.

I don’t have the techie know-how to answer your question, but since no one else has yet this reply will bump it.

I only have two thoughts. One is that you never gave a year or the other full specs on the car (engine size & all of that). It will be hard for someone with the knowhow to proceed without that.

Second thought, why are you taking it to a dealer? Is it still under warranty? Find a reputable, local shop - some specialize in Hondas - and get a 2nd opinion.