Honda Civic 2001 Cluster



I have a Honda Civic 2001.

For a while while driving all the cluster would jump up and down. And now for the past 2 weeks the whole thing is off. I have checked the fuses and everything is okay.

Any ideas?


When you said that the entire cluster jumped up & down, I assume that you meant that the needles on each gauge in the cluster was jumping. That situation, coupled with gauges that now fail to work, indicates a probable bad electrical ground. While it may be hard to trace the exact location of this bad ground, restoring a tight connection should solve the problem.

On the other hand, if the entire cluster is actually jumping up and down, you might need an exorcism of the car.



What do you mean by “restoring a tight connection”?


I am referring to the electrical ground, which I believe to be loose. Once you can find it, tightening the fastener that is loose should restore the cluster to working order. I had this exact problem on a '74 Volvo (the absolute worst car that I ever owned), and it drove me to distraction until the bad ground was found.


On one car I solved this by adding a new ground wire from the metal of the cluster to a ground point under the dash.