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Honda Brakes

I don’t want something bad to happen to my nieghboor. She has a '03 Accord w/ 44k miles. Sometimes the brakes grab quickly, or sometimes they act very worn, long stopping distance. Mostly, they are fine. All parts seem in perfect working order. I’m suspecting something to do with the ABS because I don’t trust computers.

If she is worried about her brakes she should have them looked at by a professional. I doubt that any computer is sabotaging her ABS system.

This car has multiple computers. The engine is controlled by a computer. The transmission is controlled by a computer. The automatic climate control system (if equipped) is controlled by a computer. And, of course, the ABS is controlled by a computer.

Why is the ABS computer the one you don’t trust?

If the ABS computer goes bad the brake system reverts to non-ABS and the warning light comes on. If the light isn’t on, the ABS system is operating as designed.

Has a mechanic inspected the braking system?

I would have the power brake booster checked along with the vacuum plumbing that connects to it.