Honda brakes

Hi, I had all new brakes put on my 05 Honda Pilot at theHonda Dealers on May 16,08. On July 21 I heard a thump thump as I drove the car away from the airport. It had sat in the airport parking lot 10 days. Took it to the dealers who said that I needed brake work due to the car sitting for so long. After I argued and demanded some common sense, they agreed to pay for the work. It was to come to 160 dollars.

They "resurfaced " the front rotors and replaced the rear rotors.

Am I crazy or are they sheisters? They kept telling that sometimes this happens when cars sit for 10 days. I would like to complain to the Honda company but not sure if I should write to Takeo Fukui, Pres and CEO, in Japan. Thanks!!

Tires that sit for a long time will develop a temporary “flat spot”. It goes away after they warm up a little. Rotors will also develop some surface rust when sitting for awhile. Cheap rotors could develop a lot more that some of the better ones, but in either case, this should also wear off shortly.