Changing Rotors and Pads Newb

Hi everyone I have some parts coming in and wanted to replace my pads and rotors while I wait. My question is would there be an issue for me replacing them and not using them for a few days? I know surface rust would form but would it be better just to wait to install everything at once? Thanks!

No issues. They’re not going to rust any more than if they were already installed on a parked vehicle.


rotors will get a coat of surface rust anytime it rains and sits a day or so. when you drive and hit the brakes the rust comes right off. No worries. do the brakes and rotors. make sure you spray the rotors with brake clean. they are usually shipped with a thin layer of oil on them. they do this because just sitting in the box they can get slight surface rust.

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Maybe so, maybe not. Many have a coating that keeps them from rusting while in shipping and storage. It’s not always obvious. You should wash it off with detergent and hot water. I skipped this once and had smelly smoking brakes for a while.

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Thanks everyone guess it’s time to get to work then ahah stay safe!

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