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Honda Accord V-6 skips above 45 mph

I have the oddest situation: once my 2008 Honda Accord V-6 gets above 45 mph and is running at steady speed, it will skip occasionally. It feels as if the car is shifting, but it’s not–no RPM change. No warning lights come on and it happens whether the car is in the three-cylinder or the 6-cylinder mode. It happens on cruise control and when using the accelerator pedal. I’ve had this happen whenever the car is between 45 and 75 but not at lower speeds. It’s been checked out by two different Honda dealers and they say there’s nothing wrong. I can’t believe Honda has designed a car that feels like its transmission is slipping occasionally or it’s hiccuping! Any ideas, anyone?

I read some time ago that Honda was having to re-program the car’s computer.
Maybe its worth your while to check for TSB bulletins.

Thanks for this: I’m very grateful for your help, but what are TSB bulletins and how can I find them?

TSB= Technical Service Bulletins. They are put out by automotive companies with service repair alerts for vehicles.

I’d ask your Honda dealers to check for a TSB pertaining to your issue.

You might also just google Honda TS B’s

Thanks again. I’ve done just what you suggested but have found no TSBs related to this issue. I did find two similar complaints filed with the National Highway Safety and Traffic Administration but nothing that would be useful to me. So I’m still in the dark. I’m wondering if this might have something to do with the AC or with that VCM (the variable cylinder management) system? Is it the transmission slipping, the computer not sending appropriate information, the fuel pump is inconsistent…? I just have no idea and no other avenues to explore at this point. Any further ideas of what I can do or what kinds of tests I can do myself? Many thanks for your help so far.

Try these web sites on Honda’s. You may be able to find some help there.
Good info.