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Honda Accord Starter

My 2000 Honda Accord wouldn?t start the other day. I know it is not the battery because I have a brand new battery. I tapped the starter with a hammer and the car started. I took it to a mechanic and told him that my car wouldn?t start and that I tapped the starter with a hammer and it started. With out even opening the hood of the car, he said, yeah it is the starter and told me he had to replace the starter. I asked him if he would do any kind of testing before replacing the starter and he said that there is really nothing to test and that he is sure it is the starter. My question is, can he for sure tell it is the starter from the information I gave him? Please help!

Thank you

One thing that can be done is measure the amps the starter draws when attempting to start the engine. But to be honest, when hitting the starter gets it to work usually means the starter requires replacement.