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Honda Accord Stalling

Hello and thanks in advance for your help!

I have a trusty 1991 Accord 2.2L 4cyl that stalls when I brake. The kicker is that it only does this when the fuel is below 1/2 tank level. Above 1/2, the car runs beautifully, no stalling or hesitation. Below 1/2 tank, when I hit the brake, the car starts slowing down like normally, but when it is almost stopped, the idle drops dramatically and sometimes stalls. If I am quick about taking my foot off the brake right about then, the idle pops back up and avoids stalling. So basically, I avoid stalling by watching for the idle drop and laying off the brake…and this only happens when the tank is less than 1/2 tank.

Any ideas? I cleaned the IACV motor screen and it still does this. If I unplug the IACV, the idle drops to base idle so I think the IACV is working fine. I have a feeling the problem is in the gas tank?

Thanks so much!

Test the fuel pressure. If the pump is getting weak the engine may not be getting enough fuel when the tank is not full. When was the last time the fuel filter was replaced?

I’m also thinking vacuum leak, but that would make a variable idle speed regardless of gas tank level.

Test the fuel pressure, especially when the tank is less than half full.

This is assuming that the gauge is correct. When the tank indicates 1/2 tank, fill the tank with fuel. If the gauge is about correct, it will take about 7 gallons from 1/2 tank to full tank.
See if the idle will stagger, when the vehicle is sitting, and you put your foot on the brake. Then, take your foot off the brake. Is there a difference?
The fuel filter is easy, and cheap, to change on your Honda. Change it.