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Honda accord rear alignment values

I just had new tires installed on my Honda. According to the installation report, the camber numbers were within spec. The Toe numbers were not and I asked about the variance. Left was -.11 in (s/b.range of .00 in to .08 in) and right was .16 in (s/b range of .00 in to .08 in). The Total Toe of .05 in was in tolerance (.00in to .16 in). When I pointed this out, I was told the variance is too small to pay $50-$60 to adjust. It’s my daughter’s car, which is the reason I looked into it. Do you agree with their statement? Thank you! Love your show!!


What year / How many miles?

It’s a 2002 Accord SE 2 dr coupe 4 cyl 92,600 miles

Yes, it’s ok if the car does not pull to one side but the vehicle will dogtrack a little. Quite likely it will not be visible from another driver’s view. The driver and passengers inside the Honda will never know. The very minor amount of dogtracking will not affect front tire wear.

I suspect there is accident damage and really fixing the problem is going to be much more than 50-60 bucks! That would only pay for an adjustable link - pretty much a bandaid.

So monitor the tire wear. What you are looking for is signs of irregular wear. Be sure to rotate regularly. It is common for FWD cars to get irregular wear starting about 20K miles if the tires aren’t rotated - and that can fool you into thinking you have an alignment problem.

My 2005 Acord tracked well before I had the tires replaced. But the camber was out on both rear wheels. The shop was able to set it to -1.15; just barely in spec (+/-1.16). They suggested monitoring tire wear and replaceing the rear struts in maybe 20,000 to 50,000 miles, since there is no adjustment for the top of the struts.