2017 Honda Accord Alignment Problem

Took my Honda in for an alignment at Firestone bc it was pulling to the right after replacing the tires. They did it but my car is still pulling to the right; after going back, Firestone said that the camber is non-adjustable and there is nothing more they can do.
Took the printout to Honda and they looked at it and said that this is a knows issue with Honda and they can’t fix it. To try to change the control arms to after market adjustable ones or to try a body shop.

Any suggestions? Should I try a different Honda dealership?

Good is -1.8 deg. You have -1.0 deg. I’d live with it

It appears the first alignment was only for the front. I concur with Honda’s assessment, not much more to be done on the front. The rear however looks like it could stand a bit of a touchup. Try to better match the rear camber right vs left, and fine-tune the toe perhaps. Is there an adjustment mechanism to change the rear camber on your car? I think that’s possible on my Corolla on the rear, loosen a bolt then rotate a sort of washer, one that isn’t uniformly thick.

It’s also possible that the rear wheels to be aligned ok, but aren’t perfectly lined up with the front wheels. I think the term for what happens is “dog walk” or something like that. Ask if they check for that also.

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If you feel a pull, it is likely caused by the tires. Cross-rotate the front tires.

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Rockauto sells control arms for your car so the rear camber can be adjusted.




Normally I would want a shade more negative camber on the right front as compared to the left front. I’m surprised that both Firestone and the Honda dealer did not think of or mention the tire bias issue mentioned by Nevada. You should try his cross rotate suggestion as this problem is not that rare.

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The LF is cambered in and the RR is cambered out. That alone would have me pointing to alignment rather than tire pull.

Apparently the Honda dealer is unwilling to perform any non-factory procedure to correct the issue. Take your car to a local independent shop that specializes in alignments and they can correct this for you with aftermarket parts.


Thank you guys for all the suggestions. I will give it a shot to rotate the front tires and then look into a local shop that specializes in alignments and see if anything improves. I am just disappointed in Honda that instead giving me some clear directions on what can be done with my 5 year old car, they just told me that nothing can be done and to keep steering the car to the left.

Left front is -.8 and right is -.4. It should be -.2 approx? You need more weight on left front or less weight in trunk on right side.
Or, lower ride height on left front or raise right rear.

How can the OP do any of those things?