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Honda Accord or Nissan Altima - Help!

I’m shopping for a 4 door sedan, manual transmission, 2007 or 2008. Narrowed it down between the Altima (my favorite) and the Accord (always have had Hondas). I was all set to go with the Altima when I noticed a lot of people on various websites complaining about the transmissions of the Altima (yes it was a problem from 2002 - 2006, but there are still issues apparently). Also, some owners are saying there are problems with the brakes on the Accord.

I’ve asked my mechanic, but I’d like some more opinions. Thanks everyone.

Can’t go wrong either way–both cars are good choices. Flip a coin.

Personally I like the Honda and would rather fix brakes than transmissions.

Just make sure you have your car checked by a competent mechanic before you buy it.

Are the Altima tranny problems that people are allegedly reporting with the manuals or automatics?

I agree with mleich’s post.

If the Altima is your favorite then go with the Altima. Your second choice is a great car also so it’s actually a win-win for you either way you go.

MSN Autos says that there are minimal problems with the major systems on either car. FWIW, the Honda changed generations for 2008. The Altima’s new generation started in 2007. You get a choice of the older, small Accord or the much larger new Accord. That sorta gives you a choice of 3 cars. Back to the original question, buy the Altima. You like it best and either is unlikely to cause you any problems.

I thought the Altima transmission issue was with the CVT on the automatic. What is the problem with the manuals?

Sorry, the discussion was about Accord vs Altima and I dozed off there for a minute.

Remember too that the Accord could have higher resale value and be easier to sell privately. We have had too good luck with Accords for me not to recommend them.

At that new a vehicle, you might be able to order a brand new one from the factory to your liking for near the same price as they’re selling the 07/08 for