Accord or Altima or Camry

I’m ready to buy a new car in the next few weeks and want to buy a reliable, reasonably priced, safe mid-sized family sedan, ideally a 2008. I’m looking at the 2008 Nissan Altima, Honda Accord or Toyota Camry. Safety is very important to me. I’m confused on how to interpret the crash test data available for these cars. The standard traction control and ESC had moved the Accord to the top of my list, especially since I expect my now 13 year old will be driving this car when he’s old enough. But while it was a high scorer in the IIHS tests, in the NHTSA tests it did poorly in the rear side test (just 3 stars.) That low value concerns me as I will almost always have kids in the back. So how do I know which set of tests to weight most heavily in my decision? If I go with IIHS, it’s the Accord all the way; if I go with NHTSA, it’s the Camry or Altima. Add in the fact that ESC is hard to get on the Altima, and a little easier on the Camry, I’m not sure what’s my best bet.

Any advice on how to make the best choice?


Test drive all three. See which one you like better; factor in the price too. AS far as safety they should be pretty much close. I think defensive driving and good maintenance would do more for your safety that the crash score.

Fusion, Fusion, Fusion.

All three cars should meet your needs very well. They are all good cars. I suggest that you test drive each before deciding. The differences in safety are actually rather small as they are all good.

Since you are open to all three, I suggest that you use that to your advantage and pit one dealer off against the others. Make them work for your business. Don’t make any final deals until the other dealers have had a chance to offer a better deal on what they have. Your flexibility puts you in the driver’s seat this time.

BTW three stars is not poor, only less good.

problems, problems, problems.

Just kidding…

Actually it seems to be a fairly reliable car. All I can say.


Wife had 2 Accords (87 and 96)…both EXTREMELY reliable…and wife loved them both. But this time around since she’s NOW over 50 wanted a car that was quieter and little roomier.

We compared the Acura TL (Accord) and the Lexus ES-350 (Camry). The TL was a EXCELLENT car. Very very responsive…Loved the ride…The Lexus…is extremely quiet…not as responsive as the TL, but fun to drive and a little more comfortable.

What it comes down to is what type of ride you’re looking for. Honda and Toyota took two different approaches to the design of these vehicles. The Accord seems to be a little more sportier…while the Camry has a smoother ride and is quieter. Either one of those should give you GREAT reliability and many years of driving enjoyment.

I can’t comment on the Altima…Never drove it…

I second the Fusion. It’ll be just as reliable, with less cost. Same with it’s twin, the Mazda 6.

I own a Mazda6. I wouldn’t buy it if my primary concern was safety. It’s side impact scores are questionable, at best.