Honda Accord Heater Problems and Stalling Problems

So… as fate might have it, a few things are going wrong with my car just as I am about to make the last payment! I start by informing you that i have a 2005 Honda Accord.

Problem 1: Now that is is finally getting below freezing and I am having to use my heat, and I have noticed that it will all of a sudden blow ice cold air. It does not matter if I am idle / accelerating / decelerating. I must provide a disclaimer… I have not had to use the heat in the car since I purchased it Certified Used from the dealer in South Florida. After moving back to where it actually gets cold I find this issue. I had my trusty mechanic look at it and he flushed the heater core. That is problem 1.

Problem 2: For about 6 months now my car has been doing this odd shaking routine. It happens probably every time I am out driving. When it starts to shake, I can prevent it from dying by reving the engine. It does not matter if I have just started the car, am sitting at idle or if I am driving down the road. No check engine light or malfunction indicator light has come on the entire time. It feels like the car just runs hard, not nice and smooth like it used to. I have brought my car in to the trusty mechanic three times now and he can not find any problems. I did notice this morning that while sitting idle at the stop light, my car had its little epileptic shake and then stopped and the RPM’s dropped to 500. Later when I arrived at my destination, while sitting at idle before getting out of the car, the RPM’s were at 2000. I have routinely put in fuel injector cleaner additive when I fill up with gas… maybe once a month. I usually fill up with regular gas, but will occasionally fill up with premium. This whole situation is blowing my mind!

Any helpful advise is greatly appreciated! People are starting to think I am crazy when I tell them whats going on!

Open the hood. Look behind the engine for two black hoses going to the firewall. These are your heater hoses. One of them has a valve in the line with a cable attached to it. Have someone turn the temp dial on the dash and see if this moves.

If you have a climate control system where you select a temp and it automatically makes adjustments, then set it for max heat and the lever on this valve should be in any position but in line with the hose. In line with the hose is off.

Did your trusty mechanic bleed the air out of the cooling system? Both of your problems can be related to this.

I like Chevron Techron fuel injection cleaner, but once a year, not once a month.
Premium gas isn’t helping anything.
Change the fuel filter.

Being from Floridu…IF you never use or VERY RARELY use the heater…you could have had a heater core FULL of air…and then when you tried to use it…it actually unleashed an air bubble into the rest of the cooling system… IF the cooling system was filled and burped WHILE the heater core was closed off…like it would normally be in FLORIDA…and no one thought to open the heater valve… because they were in/from Florida…lol…then this could have happened… I’m serious…

I would feel much better if you burped the cooling system with the bleed nipple that you have on your engine… Could be an air pocket in there…causing all the hubub…