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Honda Accord dies suddenly

While driving my dependable 1992 Honda Accord on a snowy winter day, without any previous symptoms or warning it suddenly lost power and the engine died. The car won’t start and is not getting a spark. The fuel pump seems to be working. I would suspect the coil but it seems odd to have it go out suddenly with no other ignition symptons. Any ideas out there?

Well? No spark can mean either a defective coil or a defective igniter in the distributor.


uh a 92…how many miles? Ever had the timing belt replaced??

It has 198,000 miles. Previous owner replace timing belt. Wouldn’t it still be getting a spark even if the timing belt was shot?

Thanks for the input, is it a big deal to replace the igniter?

Replace the distributor with a re-manufactured one (about $180). It comes with a warranty. Don’t use salvage yard distributor.