Honda Accord Cruise Control Switch

The “Cruise Main” switch on my 2003 Honda Accord will not stay engaged. When I push it, the Cuise Main lights up in the dash board and I can operate cruise control, but when I release the Cruise Main switch it doesn’t stay on. Anyone with this problem, and what did you do? I’ve tried electrical tape to hold the switch in (holds for limited time), and am thinking about bypassing the switch altogether. Any problems with that approach? I don’t mind if the Cruise Main is on all the time. I know I could replace the switch, but am looking for a zero cost solution. Thanks.

There are very few zero cost solutions when you’re dealing with a 2003 Accord.

If you’re not willing to pay for correct cruise control repairs I suggest you stop using cruise control and just drive the car yourself.

Anything you try is likely to do more damage. Stop thinking you can “rig” the system.

That’s not going to work, and is likely to damage the car’s electrical system. Then you’re in BIG trouble.

If you can’t afford a new switch, how can you afford to drive a 2003 Accord?