Honda accord cranks but won't start

My '06 honda accord can’t start. I can hear it cranks but won’t start.

Your helps are appreciated.

Diagnosis so far.

All fuses in driver’s side are good.
Key is good, no immobilizer flashing light.
Battery seems good, tried jumpstarting but won’t help.
Measured 12.4V on the battery.
Yesterday it rained and I left the car outside. The problem started shortly after that.

My plan:

  • buying a brand new battery and try to put in there.
  • buying four spark plugs
  • replace the starter (seems very complicated)
  • replace the fuse injection relay.

Please advise!


There’s nothing wrong with the battery.

There’s nothing wrong with the starter.

It would be cheaper to have the car towed in to actually find out why it won’t start, than to shotgun parts at it and still not have it start.



All of those will cost more than a proper shop diagnostic and may not solve the problem .


Concur, battery and starter motor unlikely to be culprits. 12.4 volts is a little low for a good battery, but I expect that’s caused by the battery draining b/c of repeated cranking attempts. Suggest to just recharge battery using a battery charger.

Some Honda Civics by reports here are known to have a problematic fuel pump relay. If you want to guess and take a chance on replacing something, better chance of success there. When engine cranks but fails to start in most cases the problem is either no fuel, or no spark. So make sure there’s gas in the gas tank. A shop could check for spark during cranking pretty easily.

You could use the forum search feature to learn more from prior posters about the problematic Honda relay, link upper right this page.

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Yup, first rule, determine fuel or spark problem. For spark use a spark tester or an old plug attached to a plug wire if you can still do this with a coil on plug. For fuel, listen for the momentary fuel pump running when the key is turned on or give it a shot of starting fluid to see if it pops when you try to start it. Otherwise there are dozens of potential causes and parts to replace.

Try the key dance: turn key to Run (not all the way to Start) for a couple seconds. Turn to Off and right back to Run. Each time, the fuel pump should run briefly then turn off. You may hear it, back in the gas tank. Each time, fuel and fuel pressure are coming to the engine. After a few Run-Off-Run cycles, turn the key all the way to Start. Does it turn over, start and run? Good luck.

What about the windshield wipers or the alternator or putting in a new steering wheel?

Anyway, have you run out of fuel? Was it parked on a hill?