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Honda Accord - check engine light question

Have a 2000 Accord EX with just over 82,000 miles. The check engine light came on, and the dealer repair dept. is saying that it is a bad PCM (primary control module). Since this is an expensive repair, I’m looking for some more info. The diagnostic code that came up was P1519, but they are saying that is not the issue, rather it is the PCM itself. I’ve never had a problem with this particular dealership (20 years, three Hondas), and the tech who worked on it is their lead tech. The diagnostic test was $100. So, any thoughts? Is this a common problem in a car of this age? Can I continue to drive the car or not? (Btw, it is not the gas cap, it is always tightened down multiple clicks.) I was told that cold weather can sometimes trigger the CLE too. Thanks in advance.

Forgot to mention that the CLE also came on once in July too, same diagnostic code (P1519 - idle air control valve) but they didn’t find a problem with the PCM or the valve at that time.

The car runs fine,communicates with scanner and other modules,can the code be cleared and does it return? wonder what justification is being made for its replacement.

Looks like you just missed the 8yr 80,000 Federal Warranty on the PCM.

Wonder if they can back-date claim and get you under the 8,80,000 plan?