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PCM2 code question

I just purchased a 2005 Cadillac XLR. I’d had it three days when the check engine light came on. I contacted a local Cadillac dealer, and they checked the codes and got a PCM2 code. They told me they were “unfamiliar” with the code- and that it could be the catalytic converter or an oxygen sensor. They told me the PCM2 code isn’t one that normally comes up with a catalytic converter issue. They told me that it should be ok to drive the car, reset the check engine light, and sent me on my way. Took the car to a different dealer, and they told me it was most likely my gas cap wasn’t tight enough- and also reset the check engine light. The second dealership did a 27 point inspection which the car passed with flying colors. 6 weeks before I purchased the car, the previous owner had the PCM module replaced. The car is covered under a bumper to bumper extended warranty (which doesn’t cover emissions issues) which is what the dealer is telling me is wrong. Any ideas on whats going on with this car? Car runs and drives like a dream. The prior owner said she had something similar happen and the local dealer told her they couldn’t find anything wrong.

Don’t you mean an OBDII code? For the powertrain these codes can start with a P0 or a P1. I can understand how the dealer would be confused with PCM2 code. There’s no such thing.

What you might do is take your vehicle to local AutoZone parts store. They’ll connect a code reader for free and pull any codes stored on the computer. Then record the codes they pulled and post back.


Nope - it was PCM2. I will have the second dealer confirm and post again tomorrow.

Make sure you get the entire code, like P0131. PCM is for Power Control Module. PCM2 sounds like part the definition, not the code.