Honda Accord 99 stuck clutch pedal


Hello. My Honda Accord LX '99 sedan (110K miles) clutch pedal got stuck to the floor the other day. Thanks to AAA (great service!) we hauled it to a mechanic - he said the master and slave cylinders were the cause, due to a known Honda issue. Namely, Honda used plastic (!) cylinders that easily leak/break, and according to the mechanic this was an issue recognized by Honda. So the recommendation was to change the cylinders with aluminum ones. Which we did, to the tune of $850. Does this sound fair? Now that I 've had some time to search, I haven’t found any reference to this alleged “recognized” issue with the plastic cylinders. Anybody knows anything about it?



as far as i know all clutch cylinders are aluminum. Master and slave.


I have never heard of anyone using plastic cylinders nor have I heard of a “Honda” problem.


HAHA!! I Have!!! Ford uses a plastic master cylinder in their Ford Ranger Pick-up! The one I saw was a 1998 model. Here’s the NAPA OEM replacement:

What a piece of crap!!


Even worse they used the same plastic piece of junk on the F-350.


95 F-350 Slave cylinder (plastic).