1992 Honda Accord Clutch Interlock Failure


My 1992 Honda Accord Wagon EX has clutch problems. It has had a relatively new slave and master cylinder, installed within the last 10,000 miles. It has been not been driven lately until I bought it. The clutch pedal does not always come back up. Worse, the clutch pedal is at the floor or near it sometimes when it has been sitting. Sometimes it lurches forward on turning the ignition on if the car has been left in gear. The car starts and moves forward in first. Worse, there is no getting it out of gear while this is happening. I have had this happen twice. Thoughts on what is wrong and what is the fix? I am not driving the car until I know what is wrong.


That sounds a lot like a slave/master cylinder problem to me.


You say it has a relatively new slave and master cylinder, but these items are still not workng the way they are supposed to work. It’s back to the shop.


Is this hydraulic or cable? Are you certain about the slave?


Thanks. I am on my way back to the shop.