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Honda accord 92 leaking oil from front right tire-

My Honda is leaking oil or brake fluid from right from wheel. Is brake fluid thin or thick. I think it may be the boot. Is this easy to replace.Thanks for your help!

Brake fluid is thin. Clean it is honey colored. The CV’s boot’s grease is thick, black.
Are you losing brake fluid? If so, it probably is your brake caliper on that side. Pop the wheel off and have a look.
Don’t drive the car until you know what this is.

You can pop the top off of the brake resevoir and take a wiff to see what it smells like. It is quite strong. If it is leaking you either have a leaky caliper or a hose. If its a caliper that the brake pads are attached to, it will need to be replaced. Same thing with the hose. If the leak has contaminated the brake pads, they will also have to be replaced on both sides. So you could be looking at a few hundred dollars by the time you are done but essential to safety.

I mention this b/c the OP thought it might be the CV boot. Sometimes the grease in a CV joint liquifies a little with use. It could be the CV joint boot is in the process of breaking apart, and is leaking the liquid part of it’s grease cache. If the CV boots have never been replaced – on a 92? – well,anyway, it’s time. CV boots tend to last about 60-100K or so. Usually the outer ones (nearest the wheels) go first. If it’s the boot, you’ll likely save yourself some dough by having this done straight-away rather than waiting. If the boot splits, dirt will get into the CV joint and eventually ruin it. You’ll then get billed not just for new boots, but for replacement half-shafts as well. If the boot is still intack and keeping out the dirt , all the shop needs to do is to clean and relube the joints and put on new boots. A visual inspection along with a manual manipulation of the boot – pressing on it, squeezing it, etc – will usually quickly identify if there is any cracking or splitting.

Are CV joints easy to replace? In a word, no. But it’s not impossible for the home mechanic to do this. I do it on my Corolla. You have to have the proper tools to remove the two drive shafts though. If you decide to try it, follow the shop manual recommended procedure for the make/model/year, don’t guess.

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