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Cv axle grease

i removed old trans mount in pieces and than removed lower mount by pushing it sideways. maybe it got jammed against inner cv boot? i have a small pin prick hole in the boot and a honey colored liquid is leaking out. i thought cv axle grease was thick? this stuff is dripping out. the cut in boot is next to clamp. is it possible boot just happened to crack while i was changing mount? jeez, my life is interesting. i cant touch my car for fear of breaking something else.

CV joint grease is thick, but it is generally a moly fortified conventional grease. It does separate due to heat and time. You can replace the boot and put in fresh grease, or replace the axle. Or you can try patching the hole.

Clean up the hole with a solvent and then use a bicycle tube patch, heat vulcanized, or maybe just a plug of silicone sealant. This is not a high flex area like the outer boot is so a patch might work, but you have to do it before you start driving the vehicle again or you will get dirt in it and then your choices will be much more limited.

Another option is to replace the boot with a “split boot”. It prevents having to pull the axle.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve never used a split boot, so I don’t know how long-term reliable they are. Perhaps others here that have tried them can speak to that issue. I too would be interested in knowing from people who’ve actually used them.

The CV grease packets that comes with the boot kits I’ve installed on both my Rabbit and Corolla is sort of a dark green, and does separate a little, 90% of it, fairly solid, but the rest is much thinner, some almost approaching an oily liquid. I think you’d be better off to just replace the boot at this point.

Take the axleshaft out and replace both boots. If you shop around, you could spend $30 or less

Since you do all the work yourself, it makes sense to save a few bucks, in my opinion

i dont know if axle has been replaced before. a used axle at yard is $10. funny how it is cheaper than a single boot.

Are you serious?

You have no idea how that junkyard axleshaft has been treated

The boots could be older than yours

The joints could be worn

If your axleshaft wasn’t making noise, I’d just throw 2 boots at it. If you want to be a real cheapskate, I once got $5 boot kits at Pep Boys. A few years later, they were still quiet and holding up well

And NO trip to the junkyard required

The devil you know . . . :smiley_cat: