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Question about possible fluid leak

As I was changing my oil last week I noticed that there was a thick, dark green fluid near my front left shock and on the automatic transmission filter. The fluid appeared to be sprayed on the underbody of the car. I am unable to notice any change in automatic shifting or in the front left shock. The photo shows the filter (?transmission filter) on the top, the shock is at the bottom right. This is slightly behind the left front tire. This was not anywhere else under the car and did not appear to be road grime.

Can anyone give me feedback? Thanks.

I think you have a CV boot tore. If you look at the boot in the pic,the first fold in from the trans. I think I see a tear. It also lines up with oil filter.

I’m inclined to go along with oldbodyman. That looks exactly like the boot just gave up and spewed all of the CV joint grease all over. Keep looking in what would be a circle all around the rotation of the CV joint. You’ll probably see a full radial pattern of the stuff anyplace there’s something for it to hit.

I’ve seen the CV boot straps get loose and leak grease without a torn boot.

Thanks all. You were right. The boot was torn. i just had them replaced today. The shop said they are now routinely replacing the axle as well due to risk it was affected by tear. Cost ~$200