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Honda Accord 2004 V6 new battery, not starter, won't start

My 2004 Honda Accord V6 got a new Diehard in 10/2010. AAA says it is not the battery or the starter. When I turn the key there is a click and all the electrical components turn on. Could someone please tell me what it could be? Thank you!

Ignition switch? Many Hondas had them recalled.

Sounds like the ignition switch…ASSUMING that AAA checked the obvious things like battery connectors.

It could be the ignition switch but since the accessories are turning on this may be a clue that it is ok. The trouble may be due to safety switch for the transmission. Try moving the shifter control around in the Park position and see if that helps. Also see if you can start the car in neutral. Power coming from the ignition switch has to pass through the safety switch in order to activate the starter solenoid. The closer of the starter solenoid switches battery power to the starter motor.

When you turn the key from “ON” to “Start” (that last bit that’s spring returned), do you hear anything? Can you get your head under the hood and have someone else do the key thing so you can listen closely?

The problem might be with the Starter Cut Relay. If the relay is defective, and you try to start the engine, nothing will happen.

The relay is located in the fuse/relay box behind the left kick panel.


ChAnged everything , switch, starter ,relays,battery and it still won’t start until turn switch three or four times .2004 v6 Accord
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Neutral safety switch? Does it somtimes fail to crank, or does it crank but not always start quickly?