Honda Accord 2002 Coupe 4cl Electrical Problem



While driving the radio/CD player briefly cuts offs the SRS light comes on, the mileage gauge flickers and it sounds like the engine cuts off then on in the process. The computer isn’t throwing a code. This will happen more than ten times in a day one after another and some days not at all. When it happens at night the internal and external lights go dim. No low battery, no bad alternator all checked and good. No one will touch it beyond tests b/c told too many possible fixes.


You’ve got a bad electrical connection somewhere. Could be a battery cable (either end of either cable) or elsewhere. It could also be a major connector somewhere in the wiring harness.

You don’t have a problem with rodents chewing insulation off your under-hood wires, do you?


Check all your ground connections. Check where the battery grounds to the chassis, and any ground connections to the chassis from other parts of the car, especially the instrument cluster. Loose connectors could cause this sort of thing also, but loose grounds are more likely.


Turn om all the lights, etc. Go under the dash and under the hood and shake every wire and wire vudle. When the symptoms occur, the problem will be im THAT wire or wire bundle. [I “talk” fummy vecause ov a keystroke virus has stolem some of my keys].