Honda Accord 1999 stalling problem


My 1999 Honda Accord coupe keeps dying on me. I’ll be driving along in 1st, 2nd or 3rd gear and I’ll press on the gas and get no response and realize the car is dead. I will pull over to the side of the road and finally the dash lights indicating it has stalled come on. When I immediately try to start the car, it won’t turnover. I have to wait several minutes and then it starts right up. It seems that unless I’me excelerating at all times the car dies.

My mechanic thought it was water in the fuel line and put in 3 bottles of dry gas and I have since put in two more. Now he says there can’t be any more water in the line. He has driven it himself and of course it never happens to him. At one pont, he said the fuel filter might need cleaning/be clogged, but then said there’s no external gas filter so probably not. He’s cleaned and tightened the solenoid and I just got a new battery. He also checked the starter and says it’s ok. This has been going on for months. Help! Any ideas about what’s going on?


I don’t know for what years this was a problem - but at some point Hondas (and I think Accords in particular) had a common problem with “main relay” failures. As your mechanic about that.