Honda Accord 1992: Starter will not click at all

The starter of my 1992 Honda Accord will not crank. There is absolutely no movement or sound. My car is a stickshift and i have already checked the battery and fuse. Both are in good condition. Can anyone help me? I would appreciate your help so much.

If power gets to the starter when you turn the key, the starter is the problem. Otherwise it could be in the ignition switch or a safety switch that makes sure your clutch is depressed. Or the starter relay could be bad.

It may just be a bad battery connection due to corrosion. You can easily clean the connections yourself, or have a local mechanic do it.

  1. Use a 10mm wrench to remove the BLACK (negative) cable from the battery.
  2. Then remove the RED (positive) cable from the battery.
  3. Using an old toothbrush, clean the battery posts and the cable terminals with a small amount of Coke (seriously–it contains phosphoric acid, which worke great)
  4. Wipe off with paper towels or an old rag.
  5. Reattach cables in reverse order: RED first, then BLACK.

Be careful when removing/reattaching cables not to short out the battery by touching the wrench to both terminals at the same time. It’s important to remove/reattach in the correct order, otherwise it’s easier to mistakenly short the battery, with resulting BIG sparks and POOF!

Even if cleaning the terminals doesn’t fix your problem, it’s still important to do occasionally.

thank your for your response. May I ask where is the starter relay?

Thank you for your response. The battery cable and everything is good.