Honda Accord 05 - Turn Signal Switch

Simply looking for part recommendations. It appears that my turn signal switch (the handle), when I hit it up with my left hand (thus turning on the right turn signal), the handle does not stay in position. In other words, the handle should stick so that the signal continues to blink right. If a part needs to be replaced, would it be the turn signal switch or something deeper with the steering?

I say turn singnal switch.
available at parts stores like Auto Zone, O’Reilly’s, etc.
In store or online.

The switch is called the multi-function switch.

This is because it performs more than one function.

RockAuto has it for less than $25.00 plus shipping.


Thanks guys for your help! I was able to purchase one on eBay and replace it yesterday. Took a bit of elbow grease to remove the cover above the steering wheel and snap it off.

Tip: the connecting wires snap into place. I spent 10 mins pulling on the socket until I noticed a white clip that had to be pushed in.

Glad you got it done and thanks for the update.