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Vibration when shifting from 4th to 5th gear?

I have a 2007 Saturn Vue V6 AWD and when it shifts from 4th into 5th gear, I sometimes get a vibration and low rumble sound. It’s almost like when you drive over the center line and hit the rumble strip, and can be felt through the gas pedal. It always goes away as soon as I let off the gas and does not occur again until I shift from 4th into 5th again, or if I remain on the gas it will only happen for a couple of seconds before it goes away on its own. The transmission shifts fine, and oddly enough it only does this sound when I am babying the car. If it sits at around 2000 rpms in 4th, that seems to be when it occurs. And it only happens occasionally, not every time. If I floor it, it doesn’t do it at all. I have no idea where to start looking, but one thing that comes to mind is maybe a transmission mount? It hasn’t really gotten worse since it started doing it, but it’s definitely annoying and I don’t want to be damaging anything by driving it if something is on its way out.

What you might be feeling is torque converter clutch shudder.

When was the last time the transmission fluid was serviced?


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I’m not sure when the transmission fluid was serviced, I bought the car this past September. Fluid seems okay, but I just went out to take a picture of it. Also, it has about 132,000 miles

You may have a problem with the torque converter lockup. Your car is 13 years old and there’s a chance the transmission fluid has never been changed. Get that done first and you might dodge a bullet.

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Will do, thanks for the help!