2005 Toyota Corolla XRS 6-Speed Sport Manual

Hi all,

I have an 05 corolla XRS. I just had a sport clutch put in about 1 year ago. Whenever I shift into 4th gear and accelerate, the RPMs drop about 500 and I lose power for about 3 seconds before it starts going back up. Other gears are acting normal. Best part is that I let my friend drive the car earlier and since he did it’s been doing this. Any ideas?


When you shift into 4th, are you coming out of 3rd or 5th? Or does this happen regardless…

What RPMs are you upshifting at? It almost sounds like you’re shifting too early, like when the engine is at the very bottom of its torque curve.

Any CEL light?

I went back out last night to check Caddyman but it didn’t happen. Then again today it did it and also in 3rd gear. I noticed if I let the clutch 100% of the way out before putting on any acceleration after shifting it would happen less. No check engine light just the maintenance light for an oil change. I shifted from both low RPMs and high RPMS and issue was consistent.

the old friend drove my manual problem…

I may have phrased that wrong. I meant it tends to happen less if once the clutch pedal is out all the way, I wait an additional second before accelerating.

“…the RPMs drop about 500…”

To be clear, you’re at, say, 2500 rpm in 3rd, and you shift to 4th, and instead of dropping to a normal (say) 2000 rpm, it instead drops to 1500 rpm for 3 sec before popping back to 2000 rpm?

RPMs are dropping & losing power: not the clutch.
How many miles on the vehicle? Maybe time for new spark plugs. Stick with OEM.
Maybe time to clean the MAF. I hope you haven’t wasted money on an aftermarket intake tube.
Check fuel pressure. These cars have a “lifetime” fuel filter.
Maybe your old friend wound it up too tight and cracked a ring. Test compression.