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Honda 2006 - vibrates violently - CEL/VSA/! on codes P0AB6 P2647 P2227

Honda Odyssey 2006 EX-L 142000 miles on it. Vibrates violently at low speeds (0-30 mph) Check engine and VSA and exclamation mark in red triangle comes on. Van hesitant to accelerate and hissing sound.
codes seen are P0AB6, P2647,P2227

Please advice what do here.

Honda dealership says to VTECH Oil Pressure Switch replace.

Recently had the oil change done and inspected it to be normal level.

I have no idea what that means. I do suspect you are not checking your oil on a regular basis.


regular oil changes are done - the dashboard has oil change reminder -anf that is when oil has been changed.

You did not answer the question. Are you checking the oil level yourself on a regular basis.

Yes YES I have

P0AB6 Engine mount ‘B’ control circuit/open

P2647 Rocker arm oil pressure switch high voltage

P2227 Barometric pressure sensor range/performance problem . . . if this sensor has a vacuum hose, make sure it’s till attached and hasn’t rotted

What the honda dealership said to do, seems to be in regard only to P2647

The shaking is probably due to that engine mount ‘B’ . . . perhaps it’s time to replace it, along with the other motor mounts, they can’t be in much better shape, at 142K miles

I don’t know about all the rest of the codes, but P2227 should certainly cause the check engine light to turn on

Many thanks What is your estimate on the cost to do all this? or is this case of taking care of P2627 and reset fall in place expect mounts may be.

Given all these troubles is this still worth pursuing the repairs , just within 6 months I replaced Alternator motor, set of 4 brand new tires and new battery.

I really appreciate your time and effort in trying to help here.

Thank You All

Purchase the switch.$(KGrHqZHJE8FESe+8zL3BRE95(NwjQ~~60_35.JPG

Then remove the old switch and install the new switch.


This is all a rough guesstimate, mind you

1 hour to replace that oil pressure sensor, if it’s reasonably accessible

Perhaps 2 hours or more to replace the mounts. Apparently, you have 2 electronic motor mounts, and 3 “regular” mounts. Might want to consider doing at least both of the electronic mounts, and the others as needed

As for that barometric pressure sensor code, I’m not sure if you even have a separate sensor. The barometric pressure sensor function might be built into something else, like a control module or another sensor. I can’t help you with that.

I don’t know what physical condition your van is in . . . for example, does it look good, or is it all dinged up and rusting . . . but if it’s still looking pretty good, it’s worth fixing and getting perhaps another 5 years out of it. But rest assured, there will be some other repairs, such as cv axleshafts and shocks. I hope you’ve been servicing the automatic transmission frequently, because that COULD be the next big thing

In any case, it wouldn’t be prudent to try to sel or trade in as is, because with the shaking and check engine light on, you’ll get lowballed for sure

Oh that is another thing - Automatic transmission fluid has not been changed since 10 years.

I recommend having the transmission serviced right after you get that other stuff sorted out, or maybe at the same time

With that new information, perhaps drive the van another 2 years and then sell/trade in . . .

Hi DB4690

Thank you very much.

Here another piece of information I found that seem to refelct what I am experiencing.

Please take read of this. Will be interested to hear your comments

Focus on fixing the vtech switch problem first.

Thank you for the information

But that has nothing to do with your motor mount, oil pressure switch, or the barometric pressure sensor code

I think you’re getting sidetracked

Thank you, DB4690 and GeorgeSanJose

While changing the alternator motor, I has asked the technician to change the serpentine belt also. I have been hearing creeky noise while the engine is running and belt is revolving. I just want that fact out in open here - so that you can see the what is going on under the hood.

I tried locating the VTECH Pressure switch - that is behind the engine I cannot really it. From a Youtube video, I understand it is a simple swap thing - but i cannot see it.

Before I go on to do any of these, I want take a visual look at mounts you talked out - are they visible photographed or seen - please suggest method.

with regard to barometer pressure sensor code, is this by any chance related to back window washer connection which is part of rare spolier seating on top of the backlite on top of the liftgate. The back spolier broke off on a highway and lost it. Now I see a a plast tube and switch hanging in there.