Honda 2003 Rebuilt Transmission

I had the transmission in a 2003 Honda V6 rebuilt in Nov. 2014. It is slow to change when starting off and slow to change into the next gear. Sounds like it is hung up for a while. Is this normal for a recently rebiult Transmission?

It should perform like when the car was new, hopefully you got a year warranty, and get a free fix, if it is the transmission.

I did get a 1 year warranty. I took it back to the person who rebuilt the transmission and he replace a switch but it is still slow to change. Should I get a second opinion? I always seem to have to convince them something is not right. A little Discouraged

Also at times the car makes a clunking noise when it does change Gears. Thanks for any info you have.

Yeah you might want to get a second opinion but I believe Honda transmissions are best replaced rather than rebuilt.