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98 v6 accord transmission shifts hard

My 98 honda v6 accord shifts hard sometimes when going into and out of low gears. The transmission guy told me it had to do with the material that was on the clutches wearing off, dislodging, and clogging things. I have been driving the car for several years as is. Should I have the tranny rebuild or keep driving? Am I making matters worse by driving it as is?

Automatic or manual? How often have you changed fluid? If never you ought to be ashamed. How many miles on the car? Why not change the fluid now? If automatic it should cost about $65 for a drain and fill. Small change compared to a rebuilt transmission or new car. I went through a similar problem with my wife’s 98 Accord (4 cyl, 239k miles) last summer. I had maintained the trans (changed fluid every 40k miles). I was told Honda won’t rebuild automatic transmissions. I bought a rebuilt trans from Jasper. They took my old transmission in exchange. I suppose you could possibly destroy your transmission and not be able to collect the $400 core charge for it.

Friction material is a killer on these. Did the transmission guy pull the CPC solenoids and check the screens for debris??


It’s automatic and the fluid has been changed regularly, every 30K or sooner. Hubby has tried transmission additive also. We may try the the flushing!!

I talked to the transmission guy about it. He did say that the friction material was likely the culprit. He said 1000 to 1300 for rebuild. Do you have to drop the entire trans. to check CPC solenoids? We you rebuild, do you put back better stuff than was there?

All transmissions have their weak points. Over time it becomes apparent what they are and parts suppliers often get on it. As such, most any model of transmission that’s been around for a while has various “upgraded” replacement parts - as in better than the original and designed to avoid the same kind of problems.

That said, whether those “upgrades” are used may depend on the rebuilder - so you really want to hear from them what they do.

I don’t know this transmission so I can’t tell you about the solenoids. Transman can if he comes back through.

There are no “upgrades” on this transmission I do during rebuilding. Whats bothering me here is the price he quoted you. $1000-$1300 is way too cheap for these. These units, if built properly are going to run in the neighborhood of $2000-$2300. The only way $1000-$1300 would be good is if the trans guy was throwing in the labor for free. I’m just concerned that you will be paying what you think is a good price but you will be getting a substandard rebuild. Was this an actual transmission shop which checked out the trans?? On the line of the CPC solenoids, all electronics on this transmission are mounted outside the transmission on the case. I provided a picture of the CPC’s (Also called, Linear solenoids) You cant see it in this picture but on the other side of the solenoids there are three tubes which go down into the transmission case. Each tube has a screen at the end of it. Usually if you have a problem where the friction material is the culprit these screens will be stopped up. This is why I asked about the trans guy checking the screens. Also, has the computer been scanned for codes?? What does the fluid look and smell like??